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What's on my Literacy Cart?

I love my utility cart that I found here on Amazon. It has three shelves and the top shelf has a pretty wooden lid :) Having a literacy cart by my small group table gives my students more table space since my materials are all on the cart! I restock the cart during lesson planning for each lesson. However, most multisensory tools such as sand, unifix cubes, phonogram cards (large and small), etc stay on the cart for day to day use.

What's on the top shelf and under the lid?

Under the lid I keep extra resources if I need to quickly change my lesson or provide an intervention. Note cards are great to have on hand for this! I use notecards if I need to make new word cards for a struggling student or to enhance a lesson. I also have letter tiles in there.

On top, I keep my phonogram cards, blending board, and decodable readers (this one is by Fly Leaf publishing). I use these plastic card stands to stand them up for easy access and a pretty display.

What's on the second shelf?

If you have multiple small groups at different levels, I recommend having a separate tub for each group. The blue tubs can be used for two different groups. My task card boxes fit perfectly in them. I love these word dominoes to practice prefixes and suffixes. We use red sand for red/heart words (irregular words). Extra unifix cubes for phonemic awareness practice. Sand paper letter cards and crayons. The hooks are perfect to hang decodable sentence strips. I keep game cards, such as my Go Fish! games in the side buckets as well as pens. We use pens for our lessons because we don't erase after a spelling error rather we cross the word out and spell it again using our S.O.S spelling strategy. Pencil grips are also great to keep on the cart.

What's on the bottom shelf?

This is where I like to keep my planning materials and my lesson plans because the bottom shelf is harder to access during the lesson than the first two shelves.

During the lesson, I keep my lesson plan recording sheets (for students) and lesson plan in front of me on a clip board so I can take notes. Download an editable Free lesson plan template!

At the end of the lesson, the students put their recording sheets and other materials completed during the lesson in a 3 inch binder (it will be full by the end of the year, especially if small group meets every day). I keep my lesson plans for each group in a binder with my notes from the lesson so that I can refer back to it when planning my next lesson).

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Supply your literacy cart with my amazon list created for you! Contains all that you see here and more so you can supply your cart to fit your students' needs.

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