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Five Decor Schemes to Create a Fun and Functional Learning Environment

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Create a calming atmosphere with a tropical ocean theme! I love this Reading it's science comfy long sleeve tee in the bright coral. You can find the rug, lamp, pillow, basket, and rolling cart at Target!

Warm, modern boho vibes with this one! Boho Reading it's Science teeshirt here. Rug, lamp, basket, pillow, and cart all available online at Target.

Want a more neutral boho theme, check this one out! Shop the Teach the Science of Reading teeshirt here, decor items at Target, and Boho Orton-Gillingham Classroom Decor Bundle here.

For the bright and cheery classroom, we can't leave out a rainbow theme! Shop the teacher teeshirts here, decor items again found at Target, and the Orton-Gillingham Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle here.

Looking for a functional modern farmhouse classroom theme? Check out the farmhouse decor bundle featuring soft blue and green hues that compliment a shiplap background adorned with watercolor botanicals. Find the decor bundle here. Shop the teacher teeshirts here. Rug, pillow, lamp, basket, and rolling cart found at target for under $100.

Which color scheme is your favorite? I had so much fun designing these classroom themes and hope that they inspire your classroom!



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