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5 Steps to a Dyslexia Friendly Classroom

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Step Number One: Decorate with Intent

Don't get me wrong, decorating your classroom is so much fun and I am not here to tell you to not decorate. However, decorating your classroom with intent is step number one towards making your classroom dyslexia friendly. What do I mean by decorate with intent?

Make sure everything you put up in your classroom has a purpose. Especially on the walls. Use this space to help your students. Place posters strategically at eye level and don't crowd the space.

Make sure your alphabet banner has pictures that represent the sounds the letters make. This will help remind your students of the sound symbol connection. For example, a picture of an x-ray does not represent the sound that the letter x makes. Instead, use a picture of a box or fox. You can find an alphabet banner for your classroom here.