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A Sneak Peek into my Traveling Orton-Gillingham Therapist Bag

Are you a traveling tutor, Dyslexia Therapist, or resource teacher looking for ideas on how to take your supplies around with you? 

When I worked at a private practice as the Director of Dyslexia Therapy. The summer was wonderful for me as students came to my office from 8 am until 5pm Monday through Thursday and I had all of my supplies with me and accessible. When the school year begun, I traveled to area private schools to provide Dyslexia Therapy using the Orton-Gillingham Approach to my clients during their school day. I also worked after school until 7/8 pm providing Dyslexia Therapy to students whose schools wouldn't allow me to come in during the school day or choose to come after school. 

That being said, I needed to figure out a good system for traveling with my resources and how to keep things multi-sensory! 

Now let's take a peek inside my travel bag!