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Ideas for SOR Based Literacy Centers

Before adding any concept to a literacy center for students to practice independently, it is important that the concept had previously been explicitly and directly taught by the teacher.

Centers are great for a spiral review of concepts previously taught. You can set up Science of Reading based literacy centers during the time you work with small groups and/or have a teacher time center rotation.

Task Cards Center

SOR Based Task Boxes are a a great option for review. You can find task boxes ranging from phonemic awareness to morphology here

Cursive Writing

Have students review cursive letters and letter formation. If all cursive letters have been mastered and are automatic, students can practice a free write in cursive.

Red Words/Heart Words/Learned Words

Multisensory practice with red words/heart words/learned words. Click the photo for link.

Decodable Reader

Students choose a decodable reader that contains review concepts for reading practice. Click here to view my blog post for some of my favorite decodable readers.

Review Games and Partner Games

If learning through play has be shown to be effective, why not review concepts with games! The concept of playing games helps foster a multitude of skills in students ability to problem solve, work together, communicate, and with these!


Set up a review tech center with Boom Cards or Google Slides. Find BOOM Cards here

I hope you found some ideas to implement into your classroom to make your literacy centers SOR and OG friendly! The most important aspect is that the centers contain REVIEW activities. Centers are not to be used as the students first encounter with a concept.

As always, thank you for all you do for your students. They are so lucky to have you as their teacher!

Colby from Special Inspirations


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