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An OG Teacher's Favorite Decodable Readers

When it comes to your classroom instruction, decodable readers support an explicit and direct structured literacy teaching approach supported by The Science of Reading. I have listed a few of my favorites that I use during my Orton-Gillingham tutorial sessions as well as my classroom small groups.

Decodable readers also make a great addition to your classroom library! As we do away with leveled readers, we can reorganize those to be categorized by themes instead of levels in our classroom library! No need to get rid of all of the books you have collected during your teaching journey, simply change the way you use them :)

View some of my favorite decodable books below:

Heggerty Toucan Series

Once Upon a Phonogram Series is a great resource for planning your lessons! I love her decodable stories!

Read my blog post --> Must Have Resources for the OG Teacher for more of my favorite resources!


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