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Six Alternatives to a Sand Tray Right in YOUR Pantry

Not everyone has sand laying around their house. They may have shaving cream...but oh what a mess that can make! But it is soo fun!

This got me thinking. Many of us are tutoring online during these days of distance learning. So how can we make our Orton-Gillingham lessons multi-sensory when not everyone has sand trays.

So I decided to take a look in my pantry for alternatives to sand trays. If it is in my pantry, then it most likely is in the kitchens at my students' homes. I thought if I can find a way to make my online lessons more multi-sensory for my students at home, then they may be more engaging and fun!

I know you are wondering what I found in my pantry (besides A LOT of canned green beans) to use instead of sand trays. Let's dive into my pantry finds! But first, you'll need to grab a baking sheet or pan.

Number One: Sprinkles!

Who doesn't have some sort of sprinkles in their pantry? I found these super fun gold sprinkles and some other options too!

Number Two: Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are all the rage these days so they are bound to be in kitchens everywhere.

Number Three: Sesame Seeds

If you don't have Chia seeds, perhaps you can find some sesame seeds!

Number Four: Rice

Use 1 cup of rice, 1 teaspoon vinegar, and food coloring of your choice to dye the rice or pour the rice in as is.

Number Five: Corn Meal

A great option for an edible sand tray.

Number Six: Cheerios in a Blender

Another great option for an edible sand tray. Put cheerios in a blender and you have an edible sand like multi-sensory tray!

What are some other alternatives that you found in your pantry? Drop them in the comments!

Here's my pantry round-up!


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